Love Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is a busy bustling city full of fetish obsessed people who have nowhere private to get their rocks off. This physical and cultural repression resulted in an explosion of places such as Tokyo’s love hotels, which you can rent for the hour or the night. You can order costumes for your room or chill in the dungeons.

Most Tokyo love hotels are in Shibya, there are tons of hotels on the love hotel hill as they call it.

Other love hotels districts are Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and the Ueno/Nippori areas. There’s only one or two love hotel in Roppongi.

Then there are those hotels that are only for working girls and their clients. You can hang out in Kabukicho, scouting girls and I’ve noticed a very regular pattern of girls and where they go.

Most Love hotel have their rooms with automated machines doors, where you pay your fee and the door unlocks. You should understand how they work before you try to go without a person who can read Japanese.